The Bac Rac Co-Angler Rod Storage System

The Bac Rac is a co-angler’s dream come true! The Bac Rac holds 4 rods across the rear deck securely while the unique design allows the Bac Rac to install in 2 seconds without fasteners or tools.

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Why Bac Rac?

Bac Rac is a Co Anglers Dream come true!  Bac Rac products are designed to reduce rod clutter and keep you fishing rather than untangling rods or stepping on cluttered rods on your deck.  Bac Rac products are tested and designed to keep your rods safe, secure, and tangle free.

Bac Rac aims to create innovative fishing products of the highest quality and value. Bac Rac products are designed by anglers for anglers and our products are thoroughly tested!
Our Bac-Rac line is built using the highest quality materials. All Bac Racs are constructed of beautiful powdercoated aircraft-grade aluminum and EVA foam. Our Bac Racs have 2 security straps ensuring the safety of your rods and reels in rough water.
If you’re tired of tangled rods and not having space for the rods you need, try a Bac Rac and enjoy safe secure rod storage for the back of any bass boat! Bac Rac is available direct from the factory by calling 805-550-7865, from a retailer near you, or by placing your order online on our website!
We are set to shoot the second round of Ultimate Match Fishing in two weeks. The Bac Rac is the best new product I’ve seen for guys in the back of the boat! It keeps their rods safe and organized even in the roughest water. Best of all, its totally portable and installs instantly with no tools. Every back-seater should have one!
Joe Thomas, Professional Bass Angler / Outdoor TV Show Host
If Thomas Edison were alive today, I’m not sure he could come up with anything more convenient for a co-angler than the Bac Rac. Even someone who’s mechanically challenged like myself can install it in seconds and enjoy the benefits of it throughout the day.
John Johnson, BassFan Editor
I bought my Bac Rac two weeks ago and this was the first trip with it. 65 miles an hour, all is good. Fished Amistad lake in Del Rio, Texas for 4 days. Today was the last: 40 mile an hour winds, 4 ft rollers, the pic is from back at camp. Bac Rac is safe, sturdy and you will never lose your valued equipment. Thanks for a tremendous invention! I recommend it to any serious fisherman that wants convenience and safety in the back of the boat for their equipment.
Ron Trine
You rock Will! I heard about your product a couple of years ago, but the back deck on my old Skeeter was fairly small and didn’t want to lose that room for my non-boater. I just bought an Allison XB-21 2+2 and it has spots for the non boater to store rods on the either gunnel channel I had to install a Balzout mount on the driver side so that limits his rod storage. Then Allison added a picture on Facebook and it made sense to buy.

I didn’t know you also invented Mend-it, love that stuff! Now that product I’ve used for years to fix my swimbaits.

As I mentioned, I’m fishing the BBT series and our 1st tournament is on Saturday at Berryessa so that’s why I was trying to make sure it shipped.

If you’re ever looking for an angler to help promote your product(s), let me know as I would proudly help get you more customers!

Thanks again,

Mike Malinao