The Bac Rac Co-Angler Rod Storage System

The Bac Rac is a co-angler’s dream come true! The Bac Rac holds 4 rods across the rear deck securely while the unique design allows the Bac Rac to install in 2 seconds without fasteners or tools.



The efficiency of the Bac Rac is the genius of the Bac Rac. It allows my partner to “strap and go” as I do in the front of the boat. It also keeps treble hooks away from him as we speed to our next spot. Bottom line, it allows more fishing time and that in turn puts more fish in the boat
Tad – Tournament Angler

The Bac Rac is the best new product I’ve seen for guys in the back of the boat! It keeps their rods safe and organized even in the roughest water. Best of all, its totally portable and installs instantly with no tools. Every back-seater should have one!
Joe Thomas – Professional Bass Angler / Outdoor TV Show Host

I bought this two weeks ago and this was the first trip with it. 65 miles an hour, all is good. Fished Amistad lake in Del Rio , Texas for 4 days. Today was the last: 40 mile an hour winds, 4 ft rollers. Bac Rac is safe, sturdy and you will never loose your valued equipment. Thanks for a tremendous invention! – Ron